As "Temiz Gas" company, we conduct a technical review of underground/ surface external gas pipelines with low, medium pressure, as well as underground/ surface valves and gas wells, which belong to "Azerigaz" Production Union. Along with the technical review of gas control devices, we also carry out regulation and repair work.   We have cooperated to conduct a technical review of high-pressure gas pipeline Astara-Kazimagomed which belongs to «Gas Export" department of SOCAR. We have signed contracts on technical inspection of gas pipelines of several private companies within the country. To expand our services is in our top priority plans.

One of the recent obligations and most important projects of "Temiz Gas" LLC with "Azerigaz" Production Union was to replace the pipe with a new pipe and repair with the combination of welding method in order to prevent gas leaks in the pipe thread compound from the distance between street lines and subscribers' meter.

      "Temiz Gaz" LLC has received cooperation proposals from CIS countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

We have signed contracts on a long-term cooperation with companies like well-known USA's "Sensit Technologies" company dealing with the production and sale of gas detectors as well as Turkey's "DMS" Foreign Trade Company.

We have started to cooperate with Germany's "Esders" company which is the best in production of gas detectors. Currently, the gas detectors of company are tested in production by our line controllers.

Based on the documents, technical inspection of gas pipelines and equipment belong to the following companies and enterprises have been conducted with special devices, gas leak locations and rates have been identified and reported to the customers 

  • "Turkan Agro" LLC
  • "Su Sonasi" LLC
  • "Korpu Bina Tikinti"

  • "Baku Cereal Plant"
  • “Ora Furniture Company”
  • “Khachmaz Olympic Sports Complex”
  • "Khachmaz Brick Plant"




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