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"Temiz Gaz" project was established on 9 July, 2014. In March 2016, based on this project "Temiz Gas" LLC was founded.

The main duty of the company is to carry out periodic, technical inspection to

•     external gas pipelines (underground and surface),

•     constructed gas equipment (gas regulator devices, valves),

•    underground wells located at a distance of 15 meters from underground gas pipelines (gas, water, sewerage, communications and electricity)

in cities and regions of the country with walk method (by foot) or with special equipped mobile transport, including tuning and repairing, through orders of "Azerigaz" Production Union, other enterprises and organizations.

During the technical inspection, special detectors and automobiles equipped with specific facilities used to determine locations and rates of gas leakage in gas pipelines and equipment, also devices used to specify underground direction, connections, and welding points of intersection of underground cables, polyethylene and steel pipes.

Main goal is:  

to detect the location and extent of gas leakage in time in order to prevent explosions and fire, to help reduce the volume of gas losses and to protect environment. 

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