SENSIT GOLD G2 is a combustible gas indicator used for gas leak surveys, investigations, gas leak pinpointing, gas pipeline purging and displays LEL, %Volume and PPM. SENSIT GOLD G2 is the most user-friendly and versatile gas leak detector.
This device selects only methane and able to detect PPM, LEL, and %Volume. Due to the powerful pump quickly pinpoints the existence of gas. High sensitivity of 1 PPM detects methane leaks faster. SENSIT PMD is among the best performing and lowest cost optical instruments that can be used for both walking and vehicle applications.
SENSIT P400 gas monitor used to protect and alert workers of hazardous gases such as CO, HCN, H2S or SO2 in closed areas. The device has three types of alarms.
Laser Methane mini (LMm)
Laser Methane mini (LMm) can detect methane gas from a safe distance. Utilizing infrared laser technology, methane leaks can be quickly confirmed by pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. The device removes the need to access other hard to reach areas. This device immediately detects gas leaks in measured locations, and measures the level of intensity with visible and transparent red laser beam as well as shows the results on the screen.
A high performance C. Scope MXL and MXT quickly and accurately identifies underground metal and copper pipes and cables. Before the excavation work, C. SCOPE MXL and MXT show the depth of buried pipes and cables at the push of a button for not harming underground lines. The MXL Locator uses the latest in digital signal processing to allow quick and clear tracing of pipes and cables in even the most difficult of environments.
ULTRA-TRAC ® MJL used to locate accurately underground gas utility Bell Joints, Repair Clamps and Service Connections on metallic piping systems. MJL detects features on piping systems any metal subsurface structures, including pipelines and canals. MJL detects a change in pipe cross section rather than absolute cross section. Moving along a featureless pipe gives a steady signal.
The Ultra‐Trac APL is an acoustic pipe locator designed to locate piping systems constructed of any material including (but not limited to): plastic, metal, clay, concrete, fiberglass, cast and ductile iron. The piping systems can also be located regardless of the type of surface above the pipe such as gravel, soil, grass, concrete or asphalt. The